I am thinking of applying to the University of Liverpool, where can I find out what Global Opportunities are available with my degree?

We’re glad to hear that you’re interested in Global Opportunities! To find out which partners you could apply to, please see our Global Opportunities search tool. If you’re unsure of anything, please contact the Global Opportunities Team at saenq@liverpool.ac.uk. You can also meet the Global Opportunities Team at Open Days and Discovery Days (once you have applied) to find out more about Global Opportunities.


I am thinking of applying to the University of Liverpool, do I need to do anything about Global Opportunities now?

There’s nothing you need to do now to apply for Global Opportunities. Once you arrive at Liverpool, there will be lots of events and chances to learn about the options open to you.


I am a current University of Liverpool student, am I eligible to apply for Global Opportunities?

See our How to Apply page for details on eligibility.


I am a current University of Liverpool student, and have submitted an application for Global Opportunities. When will I know if I have been successful?

All students will be informed of the outcome of their application after the release of the Semester 1 exam results. This is usually in the first week in March.


I am a current University of Liverpool student, but I missed the application deadline. Do you accept late applications?

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to accept late applications.


I am currently abroad participating in a global opportunity and have sent back the necessary arrival documents (e.g. Learning Agreement or Confirmation of Arrival). When can I expect my grant to be paid?

We aim to check all documents and send your payment to the finance team within 2 weeks of receiving your documentation on Mobility Online. You should then receive your grant payment within the next 3 weeks, so 5 weeks total.


I am a current University of Liverpool student abroad and I’m not sure what documentation I need to return and when?

A list of all the documents you need as a current student abroad are available through the Outbound Global Opportunities Toolkit on Canvas.


I am a current University of Liverpool postgraduate student, what opportunities are available to me?

As a postgraduate, you can apply for our third-party supported Summer Abroad opportunities, although you won't be eligible to recieving any funding. 


How do I know if I am a WP (Widening Participation) student? 

You must meet at least one of the University's Widening Participation criteria are as follows:

  • Students in receipt of the Liverpool Bursary
  • Students in receipt of the Liverpool Scholars Award or Realising Opportunity Bursary
  • Students from a POLAR4 Quintile 1 postcode
  • Students eligible under the Disrupted Education Programme i.e.
  • Are care experienced
  • Are a young carer for parents/siblings
  • Are estranged from  family
  • Forced migrants
  • Are from a Travelling community
  • Are from a military family

If your question isn’t listed above, or you haven’t found the answer in our other pages, please take a look at our Virtual Advisor or email the Global Opportunities Team at saenq@liverpool.ac.uk.