Summer Abroad

Summer Abroad 

Summer Abroad programmes are short term summer placements, either participating in a summer school, volunteering, researching, completing an internship or participating in a short global experience.

What is a Summer Abroad?

The Summer Abroad programme offers students either an academic or experiential placement over the summer period. The time you spend overseas will range from 1-6 weeks depending on the programme you apply for.

Whilst it is the shortest of all the Global Opportunities, all of our Summer Abroad programmes offer students an overseas experience which can be completely outside of your degree programme.

View the table below for a summary of the Summer Abroad programme:

DurationDoes it add time to my degree?Will I study modules from my subject area?Will it count towards my degree?
1 - 6 weeks No

It depends on the programme! Mostly you will study either:

  • A majority of modules related to the history/culture/language of your host country
  • A majority of subject-related modules (but they don't have to be directly in your discipline at Liverpool)
  • A combination of the above
No - it's marked on a pass/fail basis

How will it fit in to my degree?

  • The Summer Abroad programme works around your academic programme and will not count towards your final degree

When would I go?

If your application is successful, you will go during the summer vacation. Some of the opportunities are available to students in any year of study and others are only open to students who are not in their final year.

Please check out the Search Tool to see what opportunities are available to you. 

Where will I be able to study on a Summer Abroad

For Summer 2023 we have the following programmes

  • Think Pacific
  • Play Action International
  • Pagoda Project Sustainable Global Experience
  • Partner Universities Summer Schools

Have a look on our Global Opportunities search tool to see where you could spend your Summer Abroad.

How do I apply for a Summer Abroad?

For third party providers (Think Pacific, Play Action International and Pagoda Projects), you will apply directly to them in the first instance.

For all other summer opportunities, you apply through the Global Opportunities Team, once applications open.

See How Do I Apply? for more information.

If I apply, am I guaranteed a Summer Abroad?

We have a finite number of places for each summer opportunity so cannot place everyone who applies.

We prioritise WP students for all our summer programmes and usually aren’t able to allocate places to many students who are not WP.

There are no academic minimum requirements for any Summer Abroad programmes but you must have passed everything and not have any re-sits over the August re-sit period. However, your academic average is used as part of the ranking. To find out more information about the ranking system please see the application page, here.

Who can apply for a Summer Abroad?

The Summer Abroad programme is open to all undergraduate students, however as a reminder WP students are prioritised for all places.

Can I apply for more than one global opportunity?

It is technically possible to do a Semester Abroad, as well as the Year Abroad (and perhaps Summer Abroad AND Year in China too!). But be aware that in the allocation process, students who have not already participated in a Global Opportunity will receive priority.

You will also only receive funding for one Global Opportunity during your degree. The only exception to this is students who meet our WP criteria who were previously funded for a Summer Abroad of 6 weeks or less, in this isntance you will be funded for an additional opportunity.

How can I fund a Summer Abroad?

We will usually have funding available for WP students, please  for the funding for each opportunity.

You should also check out our Budgeting Basics sessions that we'll host throughout Semester 1.