Semester Abroad 

This an amazing opportunity to spend a semester at one of our partner universities around the world studying modules related to your degree whilst immersing yourself in a new culture.

A semester abroad usually takes place in second year for all 3-year degree programmes and 4-year degree programmes which include a Year in Industry. Students must apply in year 1!

Students on any other 4-year course or Veterinary Medicine students should check our search tool to see if a Semester Abroad is available and to check in which year they should apply.

What is a Semester Abroad?

The Semester Abroad programme is a fantastic opportunity to spend 4-5 months at one of our partner universities during your second year. You will be able to take modules that replicate your Liverpool modules whilst expanding your academic and cultural horizons. Taking a Semester Abroad won’t extend your degree length.

View the table below for a summary of the Semester Abroad programme:

DurationDoes it add time to my degree?Will I study modules from my subject area?Will it count towards my degree?
1 academic semester No

Yes. You will need to meet with your Global Opportunities Academic Advisor (GOAA) to sign off your modules. You can see who your GOAA is here.

Yes – the grades you receive will be converted and included in your final degree classification

The programme is designed to enhance your academic experience whilst at University whilst not adding any time on to your degree.

How will it fit in to my degree?

  • The Semester Abroad programme counts towards your degree and the marks you receive will go into your final degree classification
  • You won’t extend your degree length but your degree title will not include ‘With a Semester Abroad’ but it will be recognised on your HEAR
  • If you don't pass the Semester Abroad you will need to take resits to make up the credits you didn’t pass (this may be at your host university)

When would I go?

If your application is successful, then when you would go depends on your degree:

  • If you're on a three-year degree programme or a 4-year degree programme that includes a year in industry, you'll go in your 2nd year
  • If you're on a 4-year integrated masters or a Veterinary Medicine students, please check the Search Tool as this depends on your degree programme. 

The start date of the Semester Abroad would depend on your host university, with the earliest departures in July 2024.

Where will I be able to study on a Semester Abroad

Wherever we can, we have Semester Abroad places at the majority of our partners but where you can go depends on your degree. Have a look on our Global Opportunities search tool to see where you could spend your Semester Abroad.

How do I apply for a Semester Abroad?

You apply through the Global Opportunities Team, once applications open. See How Do I Apply? for more information.

If I apply, am I guaranteed a Semester Abroad?

We want to make sure that you’ll thrive whilst abroad and many of our partner universities have minimum academic requirements in place. For that reason the eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • 60% average or above in your Semester 1
  • Maintain 60% average or above in your Semester 2
  • Have no fails and/or re-sits in the August re-sit period

The programme is competitive, so we can't guarantee a place to everyone who applies. We'll score and then rank applications - you can see how we do this here.

If you aren't offered a place on the Semester Abroad, don't forget that most students can apply for the Year Abroad or Year in China in their 2nd year and Year in China in the final year of their degree!

Who can apply for a Semester Abroad?

Not all degree programmes can do a Semester Abroad, this depends on your curriculum at Liverpool and the type of modules at our partners. To see if you can participate in a Semester Abroad please check the Search Tool.

Can I apply for more than one global opportunity?

It is technically possible to do a Semester Abroad, as well as the Year Abroad (and perhaps Summer Abroad AND Year in China too!). But be aware that in the allocation process, students who have not already participated in a Global Opportunity will receive priority.

You will also only receive funding for one Global Opportunity during your degree. The only exception to this is students who meet our WP criteria who were previously funded for a Summer Abroad of 6 weeks or less will be funded for an additional opportunity of 12 weeks or longer.

How can I fund a Semester Abroad?

You will pay your tuition fees to the University of Liverpool however you won’t have to pay any tuition fees to your host university, some host universities may have additional charges that you will have to cover (e.g. registration costs). All students are responsible for covering the cost of their accommodation in Liverpool and abroad. 

Most students will have access to additional funding via the University as well as other bodies such as Student Finance and further pointers on financing your global opportunity can be found on our Funding page. You should also check out our Budgeting 101 sessions that we'll host throughout Semester 1.