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At the University of Liverpool we aim to be a leader in sustainability. By 2035, at the latest, we will hit net zero carbon; we will reduce our waste by 50% by 2025; and every student will have the opportunity to undertake a sustainable learning. Sustainability is a key focus within the Global Opportunities Team

Sustainability in Liverpool

As a student, there are plenty of ways in which you can get involved in sustainability and we encourage it to become a fundamental part of your student experience. Here a few ways you can get involved:

Tips to be more sustainable

Whether you're staff or student, you can take small actions to reduce your carbon footprint - both on campus and at home. Here you will find practical advice and guidance on how to be more sustainable  or simply learn a bit more about your environmental footprint.

Sustainable Global Opportunities

Within the Global Opportunities Team we are always looking for ways to encourage students to travel, live and study more sustainably. Since Summer 2022, we offered a fully funded summer programme ran by Pagoda Projects, which focused on exactly that. You can read about it here. Please keep an eye on our search tool for similar future opportunities.

Sustainable Travel

Depending on the location of your host country, there are multiple options for travelling more sustainably, particularly in Europe. While flying still remains the most popular option, there are also opportunities to travel via train, coach or boat depending on your destination.

Interested in keeping up to date with sustainability at the University of Liverpool? Make sure you follow the latest news here and sign up to the University sustainability newsletter.

During my time on the Sustainable Global Experience in Amsterdam I discovered a range of new sustainable ways of living and was able to meet likeminded people who I created connections and friendships which wouldn’t have been possible without this experience.

Kyra MacKinnon, Philosophy student. Sustainable Global Experience participant.

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