Global Opportunities Buddy Scheme

What is the Buddy Scheme?

The University of Liverpool Global Opportunities Buddy Scheme is a great opportunity to share your experience of Liverpool and studying, working or volunteering abroad with an exchange student! It's a fun and easy way to meet new people, share experiences and play an important part of the international community.

The aim of the scheme is to support students' transition into a new academic and cultural envrionment. The programme is divided into two schemes, matching University of Liverpool students who have participated in a study abroad exchange with either/both:

  • Newly arrived Inbound exchange students
  • Outbound UoL students preparing to go abroad

and you can volunteer for both!

Inbound Buddy Programme

You will be matched to an inbound exchange student in order to provide advice, support and help them settle in at Liverpool! You will be matched to a student based on your subject area or by the partner University you have both studied at.

You are asked to:

  • Contact your Buddy and introduce yourself before the first week of term
  • Meet up with your Buddy at least once during their first week and help them to settle in
  • Continue to meet up with your Buddy throughout the duration of the Semester
  • Answer any questions they have about Liverpool or the University

How you help your Buddy is up to you - perhaps you can show them the campus, take them to your favourite cafe, or introduce them to your student society!

Bonus of the scheme: If you meet with your Inbound Buddy for at least 8 hours over the Semester, this can be added to your HEAR record once you graduate which is a valuable asset to your CV.

Outbound Buddy Programme

The Buddy Scheme matches outbound students due to study abroad with students who have previously participated in an exchange programme. It is an opportunity to share your experience of studying abroad with another Liverpool student, giving practical advice and tips on to make the most of their time abroad!

You will be matched during Semester 2 to a student who will be studying either in the same country or at the same University where you have studied and will be a Buddy for the remainder of Semester 2 in preparation for their time abroad next year.

What are the benefits?

As you will have already studied abroad, you will have an abundance of useful hints and tips that you can pass on to exchange students. For example, you will be able to assist you with the following;

  • How to plan a Study Abroad experience
  • Tips on making the most of time abroad
  • Travel tips and how to make friends abroad

How do I request a Buddy? - Inbound students

If you think the Buddy Scheme sounds great and would like to request a Buddy, you can indicate this in your application on Mobility Online by selecting ‘yes’ the following question:

Image of Buddy question on Mobility Online application portal

If you have already completed your Mobility Online application but didn’t click ‘yes’ – please don’t worry! You can also request a Buddy by sending an e-mail to: 

How do I request a Buddy? - Outbound students

Once you have been alloacted your place to study abroad and have accepted your offer, you will receive information on how to request a Buddy.

We will then match you with a student who has previously studied abroad either in the same country or at the same University that you are due to study in.

You can also request a Buddy by sending an e-mail to:

Become a Buddy - Liverpool students

Are you a UoL student who has studied abroad and loved the experience? Would you now like to help a future Global Opportunities student with your top tips?

If your answer is ‘yes!’ then the Global Opportunities Team needs you!

Applications are currnetly closed, but we will contact eligible students when applications reopen. If you have any questions or wish to apply to the scheme, please contact the Global Opportunities Team on