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Top 10 Geology - Complete University Guide 2015Earth Sciences at Liverpool offers accredited degrees in geophysics, geology and physical geography that are highly valued by employers and will prepare you for a rewarding future career. Our interdisciplinary programmes will enable you to keep your degree options open so that you can specialise in the area that interests you.

The University of Liverpool is one of the leaders in the UK for Earth Sciences, and is highly regarded for both its teaching and research. We offer a range of three and four year degrees in Geology, Geophysics, Geophysics & Geology and Geology & Physical Geography. All Earth Science degree programmes at Liverpool are accredited by the Geological Society of London or are accredited by the Institute of Physics.

At Liverpool, we place a great deal of emphasis on learning through experience. You will be taught in Europe’s most advanced teaching laboratories and will participate in a strong fieldwork programme that will help to prepare you for solving real work problems. You will have access to excellent resources, including research-level analytical equipment and computing facilities, and will be trained in industry-standard methods using materials donated by companies. All our degree programmes will provide you with specific scientific training, as well as equipping you with a wide range of transferable skills valued by employers. You will graduate as a practical, confident and employable Earth scientist.

We have a very active Earth Sciences student society - 'The Herdman Society'. The society runs academic and social events from guest lectures and field trips to Gala dinners, symposiums and sports events.

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Our degrees are flexible allowing you to tailor the degree programme to follow your evolving scientific and employment interests. It is possible to change between a BSc(Hons) programme and an MESci (Hons) degree during your studies, and high achievers often opt to move onto our Integrated Masters programme.

Geology: Geology is the science of the Earth, including everything from the deep Earth interior through to the sediments on the Earth’s surface. It is a truly interdisciplinary subject, encompassing many aspects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths, making it very appealing to employers in all industry sectors.

Geology and Physical Geography: Our Geology and Physical Geography degrees offer a unique and truly integrated programme, which has been carefully designed to provide training in both Earth surface processes and geology, drawing on the complementary expertise of academic staff in both subjects.

Geophysics: Geophysics investigates the fundamental structure and evolution of our planet. It involves the application of physical principles to the study of the Earth, and, increasingly, the other planets. We are unusual in the range of  geophysics degrees we offer.

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LivWiSE celebrates, supports and promotes women in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). Find out more on our Liverpool Women in Science and Engineering pages.

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Jamie Richardson

Jamie Richardson

Geology and Geophysics MESci (Hons)

Geophysics is the study of the Earth, using remote methods such as seismic waves or magnetic properties. Earth Sciences brings in a lot of different sciences. I really liked the Open Day and it seemed a genuinely friendly department. Easily the best thing about my course is the field work, I’ve been to Scotland, Wales, Ireland, the Alps. In January, I go to Tenerife – when we get to use all the geophysical equipment you’d use in a job.

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