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Rapid response to anomaly detection: a national framework for dealing with canine disease outbreaks

Responding to canine disease outbreaks quickly is an effective way to control disease and protect the population. In consultation with colleagues in the veterinary the profession, this research will develop a national framework aiming to provide a structured rapid response to disease outbreaks.

Dr Carmen Tamayo has been working to prioritise canine diseases to be included in future rapid response protocols, and has been liasing with the team at the University of Manchester to develop text mining tools so that these diseses can be identified early.  Carmen is also exploring thresholds for disease outbreaks and how these could be communicated with veterinary practitioners.

In the early days of Carmen starting her PhD, there was an outbreak of prolific vomiting in dogs.  See how we responded here.

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My work will be highly beneficial for dogs since it will approach canine disease in a holistic way by working with our multidisciplinary team and acting as a link with various stakeholders and influencers. We will prioritise the interests of those who are dealing with canine diseases first hand.

Carmen Tamayo

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