Real-time clinical decision support for individual pets; obesity and Diabetes

Canine obesity is now recognized as the primary health concern in dogs worldwide, with over 50% of dogs estimated to be overweight (J Comp Path (2017) 156, 310; J Comp Path (2017) 156(4), 296). Obesity brings with it significant welfare impact through associated co-morbidities including diabetes.

We are aiming to identify the sentinels in a dog’s clinical record that indicate its likely progression to being obese or becoming diabetic. This will potentially help the veterinary practitioner to spot at risk animals, and therefore implement prevention strategies tailored for that individual patient.  This research aims to identify in real-time those dogs on a journey most likely to become overweight.  We will also develop practitioner benchmarks for obesity to encourage identification of patients and encourage greater recording of relevant measures in health records.

Dr Ivo Fins started his PhD in June 2020 and is looking forward to helping practitioners and ultimately their patients.

The opportunity to provide support for clinical decision in real-time to help dogs suffering from diabetes and obesity represents a step forward in applying data science to the service of individual and personalised patient care, supporting directly the veterinary professionals for an evidence-based clinical decision.

Ivo Fins

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