‌Using SAVSNET data for research

SAVSNET is a research resource, collecting large volumes of deidentified electronic health data from UK veterinary practices and diagnostic laboratories.  In it's raw format, the data is messy with many different words used to describe one aspect - as a simple example, some veterinary practices will use the word 'canine' and some will use 'dog'.  A key focus of the SAVSNET team's work is cleaning the data using sophisticated techniques, making it useable by researchers, something we call making it 'research ready'.

These cleaned data are available for research, and we invite expressions of interest from researchers across all fields who want to use veterinary big data in their work.  All applications are reviewed through the Data Access and Publications Panel which is a committee who assess the intended work - including scientific merit, and how the work could benefit veterinary practitioners and their patients.  We invite researchers from practice, academia and industry to consider using SAVSNET for their research requirements.

All researchers who have had their project application approved will be allocated a Data Chaperone.  This is a member of the SAVSNET team who is familiar with the data and who will be able to advise on handling and statistical analyses.  Their advice is very often invaluable, especially when approved researchers could be working with a dataset of tens of thousands of records.

There is a fee for using SAVSNET data for research, which helps cover the cost of cleaning the data, preparing the data for the project and the infrastructure in place for SAVSNET to exist.  This money is used to help sustain the longevity of the project so that SAVSNET can continue to be a research resource.

Researchers interested in using SAVSNET data in their work are encouraged to contact the SAVSNET team to discuss their ideas before proceeding to the application stage.


  Using SAVSNET data for research