Take a fresh look at your antibiotic prescription with mySavsnet AMR!

This site is aimed at those working in veterinary practice in the UK.  It describes how practices can send data to researchers at the University of Liverpool to receive a free benchmark, comparing their antibiotic prescription to other anonymised practices across the country. Data can be from an individual practitioner, a practice site or the whole practice. Multiple data sets can also be sent to see how prescription changes over time. All that matters is you have permission to access and send the data. These anonymised data will also be used by us as part of ongoing research to understand antibiotic prescription and it's variation across the UK.

mySavsnet AMR is an initiative which was developed as a result of research looking at how antibiotics are used in veterinary practices taking part in SAVSNET.  This paper was published in the Veterinary Journal and is available open access here.

What will mySavsnet AMR show me?

Veterinary surgeons and nurses participating will be able to see a breakdown of their own antibiotic prescription, and how it compares to their anonymised peers. As well as total use, prescriptions will be broken down at systemic, topical, HPCIA and class levels (eg beta-lactams, fluoroquinolone, macrolides), for both dogs and cats. You can download an example report here: mySAVSNET AMR example feedback report

How can I take part in mySavsnet AMR?  

In order to benefit from this free service, you will need to:

1. Read the project information sheet.  

 mySAVSNET AMR information sheet

2.  Download and sign the consent form:

 mySAVSNET AMR consent form

3.  Download the registration form:

mySAVSNET AMR registration sheet

4.  Download the data template

mySAVSNET AMR data template

For guidance on completing the data template, see the video below.

5. Submit all three completed forms to


We aim to produce a personalised anonymous benchmark based on your submitted data.

Before preparing your data to send to us, please email us at to check current availability and timelines.

Ths project has been aproved by University of Liverpool Veterinary Research Ethics Committee (VREC555). 

The letter in the Veterinary Record, launching mySavsnet AMR is available here.





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