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Current research

The data submitted by veterinary practices and laboratories makes a variety of research possible. Here we have showcased some of the research being completed by the SAVSNET team and postgraduate researchers.  A key aim of SAVSNET is to support research and we invite researchers from practice, academia and industry to consider using SAVSNET data for their research requirements.

Identification and reporting of adverse drug reactions White cat with person holding a tablet in a gloved hand

Identification and reporting of adverse drug reactions

The central objective of this project is to explore whether the use of information technology and informatics system, in the form of SAVSNET, can facilitate collection and analysis of pharmacovigilance data and assessment of interventions designed to improve reporting.

Petplan vaccine preventable diseases and vaccination in the UK Blonde femaile in blue scrubs with a brown and white collie type dog

Petplan vaccine preventable diseases and vaccination in the UK

Research and surveillance of vaccine preventable diseases and vaccination uptake in companion animals in the UK

Petplan tumour registry Representation of tumour cells

Petplan tumour registry

Here we will extend this Patient Tumour Registry (PTC) to include over 10 years of data, make technological improvements to enhance sustainability and allow continued real-time data accrual, adding tools for wide-spread research access. We will extend the concept of our existing Virtual Biobank to pilot genomic analyses of cancer biology. The resulting PTR, the largest of its kind, would represent a step-change in our ability to understand pet animal population cancer risk.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Advances to Better Understand Drivers of Antibiotic Use Tablet being used with abstract background

Natural Language Processing (NLP) advances to better understand drivers of antibiotic use

The SAVSNET dataset is being used to potentially yield strategies to identify and minimise unnecessary antimicrobial usage.

Farm Animal Surveillance Network (FAVSNET) Cows grazing in pasture

Farm Animal Veterinary Surveillance Network

A pilot project to collect data from veterinary practices providing care to farm animals, with a view to complement existing surveillance.