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Petplan vaccine preventable diseases and vaccination in the UK

Research and surveillance of vaccine preventable disease (VPD) and vaccine uptake in companion animals in the UK.

Funded by Petplan, this project aims to characterise vaccine preventable diseases using electronic health records (EHRs) available through SAVSNET, by looking at trends in vaccine uptake of companion animals and whether these are affected by animal characteristic (e.g. sex, breed, species) or their owners geographical and social demographic circumstances. Using text mining methods, we will isolate highly suspect Vaccine Preventable Dideases from EHRs submitted to SAVSNET and combine these with laboratory sequencing analysis to look for trends in geographical spread and seasonality of diseases, as well as looking and the evolution and transmission of VPDs, to provide veterinary practices and owners with evidence to be able to make informed decisions about their pets.

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SAVSNET data allows us to analyse allows us to look at potential factors influencing vaccine uptake in companion animals. Whether, that be the area that animal lives in, or the bread of the animal. Combining this data with laboratory analysis of known cases of VPD can show us how the transmission and seasonality of these disease may be used to influence and advise practices and ultimately improve the overall wellbeing and health of peoples pets.

Hayley Jones, post-graduate epidemiologist

We are grateful to Petplan for funding this research

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