SAVSNET in real-time

SAVSNET has always aimed to monitor clinical data in real-time in order to identify trends that might indicate outbreaks of infectious disease or an occurrence of new diseases in pet populations in a timely manner. At present data from veterinary practices are collected immediately on completion of each veterinary consult and data from laboratories are collected either daily, monthly or quarterly depending on the laboratory involved.

The charts below are produced in realtime each time you load this page.

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Laboratory data

(Note: the graph above may take a few seconds to load)

In the graph above you can see the data collected from veterinary laboratories for a variety of infectious diseases. Using the menu and sliders you can see how test results have varied with time in dogs, cats or in both species. Clicking a coloured county in the map you will see the temporal variation of the test results for that particular county. Data collected in this way will allow us to identify trends in the frequency of specific diseases in different parts of the country and over time.

PLEASE NOTE: The data in this graph should be interpreted cautiously because currently it only represents the number of positive test results for a given disease – it does not tell you the absolute number of animals being tested for that disease.

One simple way to read these charts and maps is that if the region you are interested is a shaded colour, it means the selected infectious disease or diseases were diagnosed in that region within the time frame selected. Yellow shading represents a region with no data for the given time period. We are developing the complicated statistical models needed to fully understand whether changes in these test numbers represent true disease outbreaks.

Veterinary practice data

SAVSNET collects electronic health data in real-time from some 500 veterinary sites across the UK.  All of the consults have been coded by veterinary practitioners, selecting the main reason the animal was brought to the veterinary practice.

Image showing a map and metrics of SAVSNET data

To see the real-time incoming data from veterinary practices, click here

You are able to see a map showing incoming data and by clicking on the markers, you will see the reason chosen by the veterinary practitioner as to why the animal was taken to the practice.  This is done through the SAVSNET window which you can see in the bottom right hand corner.  In this dashboard, you can also see trends in syndromes over the last seven days as well as a breakdown of reasons to see the vet and ages of pets.  The consult and time counters show how many consults we have received data from today and show the total amount of time all vets have spent interacting with the SAVSNET window.  We will embed the dashboard in this webpage but for now it can be accessed easily through the link above.