Making an Impact 2022 Programme

A mix of external and internal speakers and facilitators engaging colleagues from across the University in thinking about research impact – how it can be conceptualised, enriched, supported and sustained.


The Making an Impact 2022 Framework is embedded into the design of the Series, ensuring that multidisciplinary research-impact related knowledge, skills, attributes and competencies are covered across the programme. By mapping all sessions to the Making an Impact Framework, researchers can build a tailored experience based on their own research impact needs, ambitions and interests.


The opportunities offered support in building skills, knowledge and expertise, with an engaging mix of workshops, seminars, panel discussions and keynotes. For each session participants have registered for, joining instructions will be emailed to them via the email registered with, two days and two hours before the session begins.

Sessions open to external audiences

Each year, various sessions are open to external audiences. Details of these sessions can be found on the Open Sessions page.

Searchable programme

The searchable programme enables participants to search for sessions that are aimed at particular roles, and cover specific knowledge exchange areas and innovation themes. Related sessions and resources are also highlighted.

Download the programme

Making an Impact programme 2022 (PDF, 790KB) 

Accessible Making an Impact 2022 Programme (Word, 40KB)

Networking and social space

A channel on Microsoft Teams will be available for all those that attend any of the Making an Impact sessions to continue conversations, chat informally, network and make connections. All participants that register for any Making an Impact session will also be sent an email with a link to a specific Kumospace “space”. A virtual space that has rich illustrations and interactive environments to help facilitate engagement that feels informal and close to what you would experience when sharing the same physical space. The only requirement is that you would need to sign up for a Kumospace account (it takes 30 seconds and they only ask for your name and email address). You can find information on how to use Kumospace here.

BSL interpreting

In order to include and cater to as many participants as possible during the Making an Impact headline sessions, we have taken appropriate measures.

For all keynote sessions, we will provide BSL interpretation as standard rather than waiting for anyone to request them. Anyone needing to watch the BSL interpreters can pin the interpreters’ videos to make it easier to view the BSL in a larger box. For all others, the BSL interpreters will part of the normal gallery view.

Our BSL interpreters have shared the following recommendations for speakers to keep in mind to ensure optimal accessibility:

  • Speak clearly and loud enough for individuals with minimal hearing impairments to hear what is being said
  • Speak at a normal speed
  • One person contributes at a time
  • If there are any visuals, PowerPoints etc being used, a slight pause would be helpful to allow the interpreters and any deaf attendees focus
  • A slight pause between speakers.

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