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We believe a better understanding of the past helps create a more prosperous, fairer and healthier world for everyone.

Our unique cross-fertilisation of research from the humanities and sciences from areas such as archaeology, architecture and sociology means we can use the lessons from history to solve the problems of today.

Through traditional archival and oral histories as well as cutting-edge archaeological research, our academics and researchers are extending the boundaries of existing knowledge and redefining what we understand by ‘heritage’. Our use of digital tools and archives is broadening research of, and engagement with, a range of subjects across our research centres and institutes.

Our heritage researchers also form partnerships with regional organisations that help shape public policy, education and sustainable tourism strategies in Liverpool and beyond.

Research activities

Tales from the Square podcasts Abercromby Square, University of Liverpool

Tales from the Square

Explore the fascinating collections and research projects being done by colleagues based around the city’s famous Abercromby Square.

Immersive technologies and historical buildings History Whisperer exhibit at St Georges Hall

The History Whisperer

Find out how Liverpool is leading the development of engaging architectural heritage visitor experiences.

Music matters Elderly woman attending music matters event

Music matters

Discover how we're tapping into music's ability to help us tune into history, culture and memory, opening up new opportunities.

Visiting international fellows Abercromby Square

Visiting international fellows

Discover our Virtual Visiting Fellowship Programme, offered to researchers at select partner universities who are specialising in the area of heritage.

Weather extremes

Watch the video to find out more about the Weather Extremes project led by Professor Georgina Endfield. The project explores how people have understood, been affected by and have responded to climate variability and extreme events through time. Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).

Meet some of our leading academics in heritage research:

Lin Foxhall

Professor Lin Foxhall

Rathbone Chair of Ancient History and Classical Archaeology

View staff profile for Professor Lin Foxhall
Warren Donnellan

Dr Warren Donnellan

Lecturer in Lifespan Development, Health and Wellbeing

View staff profile for Dr Warren Donnellan
Sam Chong

Dr Sam Chong

Lecturer in Chemistry

View staff profile for Dr Sam Chong
Stephen Kenny

Dr Stephen Kenny

Senior Lecturer, 19th and 20th century North American History

View staff profile for Dr Stephen Kenny
Giamila Quattrone

Dr Giamila Quattrone

Lecturer in Architecture

View staff profile for Dr Giamila Quattrone
Georgina Endfield

Professor Georgina Endfield

APVC for the Research Environment and Postgraduate Research and Professor of Environmental History

View staff profile for Professor Georgina Endfield
Alex Balch

Professor Alex Balch


View staff profile for Professor Alex Balch
Soumyen Bandyopadhyay

Professor Soumyen Bandyopadhyay

Sir James Stirling Chair in Architecture

View staff profile for Professor Soumyen Bandyopadhyay
Alex Buchanan

Dr Alex Buchanan

Senior Lecturer in Archive Studies

View staff profile for Dr Alex Buchanan
Mark Towsey

Professor Mark Towsey

Professor of the History of the Book

View staff profile for Professor Mark Towsey
Matthew Fitzjohn

Dr Matthew Fitzjohn

Senior Lecturer, Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology

View staff profile for Dr Matthew Fitzjohn
Professor Richard Koeck

Professor Richard Koeck

Professor and Chair in Architecture and the Visual Arts, Director of the Centre for Architecture and the Visual Arts

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Peter Shirlow

Professor Peter Shirlow

Director, Institute of Irish Studies

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