Philosophy Postgraduate Research Students

Postgraduate Research Students

Meet our postgraduate research students and capture an insight into their diverse range of interests. 

Seyed Rouhollah Hashemi Nezhad Ashrafi Ethical Principles of Hospital Designing
Thom Atkinson Human organisms and the survival of death
Rob Booth Environmental Crises and Eco-Phenomenological Praxis
Sam Cloake McDowell and the externalist costs of direct realism
Oliver George Downing Le Coup de Foudre: a Thesis on the Eventality of Love and Subjectivity with Particular Reference to Sartre, Lacan and Badiou
Rachel Handley A defence of Simon Blackburn’s quasi-realism
Xiaoyan Hu The Relation between Art and Nature: The Notion of ‘Qi Yun’ (‘Spirit Resonance’) in Chinese Art in Comparison with Western Ideas
Ruthie Miller Causal Naturalism
Richard Shield Mathematics of Being: Critical Functional Realism
Joanna Straczowski  Aestheticization and Transaesthetics: The Concept of Aestheticization and its Significance in the Digital Age