Philosophy Postgraduate Research Students

Postgraduate Research Students

Meet our postgraduate research students and capture an insight into their diverse range of interests. 

Thomas Brown Sentences, referents, and the metaphysics of propositions. 
Sam Cloake McDowell and the externalist costs of direct realism
Samuel Cooper A New Approach to the Reality of Iris Murdoch's Good
Ian Dunbar Making Sense of Fregean Sense
Rachel Handley A defence of Simon Blackburn’s quasi-realism
Matthew Hart  
Andrew Holland  
Xiaoyan Hu The Relation between Art and Nature: The Notion of ‘Qi Yun’ (‘Spirit Resonance’) in Chinese Art in Comparison with Western Ideas
Zishan Khawaja  
Ruthie Miller Causal Naturalism
Tom Swaine-Jameson  

Past PGR's

Here you can find the details of students who have recently completed their PhD's with us.

Work in Progress Meetings

The Department meets throughout teaching weeks to share work in progress. This might include papers and chapters in preparation, book proposals, funding applications or ideas for new research projects and collaborations. Post graduate research students are encouraged both to attend and to present at these meetings, which are open to faculty, PGT and PGR students.