Rob Booth

Thesis title: Environmental Crises and Eco-Phenomenological Praxis

Research interests: Maurice Merleau-Ponty; environmental philosophy; eco-phenomenology; eco-feminism; new materialism


‘Review of R. Grusin (ed.) The Nonhuman Turn’, in The Anthropocene Review (blog) (November 2015)

Conference Papers:

‘Acknowledging the Place of Unrest’, Environmental Ethics Between Reflection and Action: International Society for Environmental Ethics Conference 2015, Christian Albrechts Universität Kiel, Germany (July 2015)

‘Is the Attribution of Intrinsic Value Undermined by the Perspectival Lens of Identity?’, Understanding Value III, University of Sheffield (July 2014)

Teaching experience:

I have taught A-Level Philosophy since 2006, I examine for AQA and teach on the following undergraduate units: Mind, Knowledge and Reality; Reading and Writing Philosophy 1 and 2; and Business Ethics.

Web page:

Supervisors: Simon Hailwood and Jan Jobling