Thom Atkinson

Thesis title: Human organisms and the survival of death

Research Interests: Metaphysics, Philosophy of religion, Philosophy of mind


Journal Articles

‘A reply to Anders’ Mind, Mortality and Material Being’, Sophia (forthcoming)

Encyclopedia Entries

‘Resurrection’ in ‘A Jonathan Edwards Encyclopedia,’ Eerdmans (forthcoming)

‘Bodies’ in ‘A Jonathan Edwards Encyclopedia,’ Eerdmans (forthcoming)

Recent conference papers

Conceivability, Possibility and the Resurrection of Material Beings,’ The Self in the Light of Divinity: Analytic Theology & Human Persons, Heythrop College, The University of London (Nov. 2015)

‘Personal Identity and the gumnos kokkos,’ 13th International Conference on Persons, Boston University, USA (Aug. 2015)

Comments on ‘Surviving the Interim State without becoming Disembodied’ by T. Ryan Byerly, Exploring the interim state workshop, Idaho USA (Jul. 2015)

Comments on ‘Holy Saturday and Christian Theological Anthropology’ by Jason McMartin, Exploring the interim state workshop, Idaho USA (Jul. 2015)

‘Acquaintance and the sublime: an alternative account of theistic sublime experience,’ Tyndale Fellowship Philosophy of Religion Conference, Wolfson College, The University of Cambridge, UK (Jul. 2015)

‘Defining some parameters for organism survival across death: A van Inwagenian approach,’ The Philosophy and Theology of Immortality Conference, The University of Hull, UK (May 2015)

Relevant teaching experience:


• Philosophy of Religion PHIL215


• Critical, Analytic and Creative Thinking PHIL112
• Philosophy of Religion PHIL215
• Introduction to Logic PHIL127
• Reading and Writing Philosophy PHIL108

Web page:
twitter: @thom_atk

Supervisors: Daniel Hill, Steve McLeod