Help to Grow Stories

Hear from those who have completed the Help to Grow programme.

Kirsty Clarke

University of Liverpool alumna and Operations Director at BaaBar LTD, Kirsty Clarke found that the Help to Grow programme helped with setting SMART goals for the business and helped her to focus on being proactive, rather than just reacting.

Find out more about Kirsty’s experience of Help to Grow.

Tom Woolley

Tom Woolley, Head of Membership and Business Growth at Liverpool Chamber of Commerce, found that the best part of the Help to Grow programme is that it managed to deliver maximum impact in a short space of time and was able to fit perfectly into his busy schedule.

Find out more about Tom’s experience of Help to Grow.

Ann-Louise Gilmore

Ann-Louise Gilmore, Director at G&S Transport Merseyside LTD, found that the Help to Grow programme helped with her confidence and validation. Ann-Louise was able to work alongside her mentor and peer group to mould what she has learnt on the programme and then transfer these skills to her role at G&S Transport.

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Paalan Sood

With a firm understanding and experience in marketing Paalan Sood, Founder and Managing Director of Sood Marketing, never had any foundational teaching of running a business. Help to Grow encouraged Paalan to continue learning and to work on his business rather than in the business to enable to build a better company from the future.

Find out more about Paalan’s experience of Help to Grow.

Lynsey Taylor

Looking for a challenge and wanting to learn more Lynsey Taylor, Owner and Managing Director of ABC Childcare Services, saw the opportunity to take part in the Help to Grow programme which enabled her to interact with other professionals and helped her to no longer feel isolated within her business.

Find out more about Lynsey’s experience of Help to Grow.

Neil Roscoe

For Neil Roscoe, Business Development Manager at Knowlsey Chamber of Commerce, the Help to Grow programme came at the right time and has opened his eyes to new models and different ways of helping the Chamber to grow.

Find out more about Neil’s experience of Help to Grow.

Cerys Roberts

Help to Grow helped Cerys Roberts, Director of Finance at 92 Degrees Coffee, undertook to get a true visibility of the business and was able to understand and appreciate what other team members and departments were doing. For Cerys it was great for her team to collaborate and work together.

Find out more about Cerys’ experience of Help to Grow.

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