What's On 2020/21

COVID has thrown our plans for a while, but we are starting to get back into planning some activities. Keep checking out this space for upcoming events.

International Women's Day 2021

Visit International Women's Day 2020 for a full programme of events.

Let ’s Shine a Light on Women in STEM

STEM disciplines are among the many areas where women’s potential is often still being “STEMmed”. In other words, women receive fewer opportunities both as students and in leadership positions, and hence the entire community loses out on this vast pool of talent. The problem is clear but the solutions are not trivial to find and implement. We will try to face some of the issues starting from the statistics published in “She Figures”. The story of some prominent women scientists from the past will be also highlighted as examples of discriminations.

Wednesday 10th March, 10-11am

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The Secret Life of Bubbles

Why are soap bubbles round? What happens when two bubbles meet? What is the shape of bubbles in a soap foam? What happens if you dip a wire cube into soapy water? In this talk, we will discuss the maths behind all these shapes and, of course, blow some soap bubbles.

Dr Anna Pratoussevitch, the Liverpool Mathematical Society's 2019-20 President, will give our Spring Popular Lecture, suitable for Y11 & up.

Thursday 4th March, 5-6pm

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International Day of Woman and Girl in Science 2021

The School of Environmental Sciences is hosted a panel discussion, featuring

  • Louisa Brotherson (PhD student, Geology): Black in Geosciences Week 2020: an intersectional, global, social media movement
  • Alessia Calafiore (Postdoctoral researcher, Data Science): Women in data Science
  • Xinxin Cao (PhD student, Planning): The impact of deprivation on planning participation at communities in England and Taiwan
  • Janet Hooke (Professor, Physical Geography): Perspectives of a female Professor in Physical Geography
  • Claire Mahaffey (Professor, Oceanography): Women in Ocean Science
  • Grace Skirrow (PhD student, Physical Geography): The fieldwork experience of a woman who loves dirt.

Friday 12th February, 3pm.

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