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The fifth Annual Property Law lecture, Tuesday 11th February 2020

Held in conjunction with the Chancery and Commercial Practice Group, Atlantic Chambers, this special guest lecture took place in the new Events Space at the School of Law Social Justice, University of Liverpool.

The lecture, delivered by Professor Sue Bright (New College, Oxford) was entitled 'Property Voices in the Shadow of Grenfell'.

Read more about the event and watch a video of the full lecture:


Past event highlights

Charity Governance: Looking Backwards to Move forwards - February 2019

A seminar hosted at Unversity of Liverpool in London. Over recent years charities have been in the headlines for the wrong reasons on a number of occasions. Scandals have arisen around sexual abuse and exploitation, aggressive fundraising methods and the very public collapse of large charities.

Chaired by Professor Debra Morris, Director of the Charity Law & Policy Unit, the panel of experts offering lessons featured Rosie Chapman (Chair of the Charity Governance Code Stering Group), Rebecca Fry (Head of Legal Policy, Charity Commission), Philip Kirkpatrick (Head of Charity & Social Enterprise Department, Bates Wells Braithwaite) and Joss Saunders (General Counsel, Oxfam). Read more.

Annual Public Lecture by Julia Unwin - October 2017

‘The world is changing, civil society is changing: is charity law fit for purpose?’ Julia Unwin, Chair of Civil Society Futures. Read more

The Future of Charity Law: Teaching, Scholarship and Research Symposium - April 2017

This solutions-focused international symposium considered how researchers with an interest in charity law can collectively raise the profile of charity law teaching and scholarship and, as a result, generate new research interest (particularly among early career researchers). Read more.

Annual Property Law Lecture by Professor Warren Barr - February 2017

In February 2017, the Liverpool Law School hosted the second annual Property Law lecture, organised in conjunction with the Chancery & Commercial Practice Group, Atlantic Chambers, Liverpool. This year, the lecture was delivered by the CLPU’s Professor Warren Barr, and was titled ‘Repudiatory Breach of Leases – Hard Lessons for ‘Contractualisation’ of Leases’.

Annual Public Lecture by Francesca Quint - October 2016

In October 2016, Francesca Quint, barrister at Radcliffe Chambers, delivered the Unit’s annual public lecture, titled ‘Protection of Charities under the Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Act 2016: Too Little or Too Much’. In the lecture, attended by students, academics, charity practitioners, trustees and lawyers, Francesca focused on those provisions of the Act which deal with the protection of charities. She concluded that the Act is capable of facilitating better regulation by the Charity Commission by providing a more coherent range of powers, enabling threats to charities to be reduced or removed. However, the way in which the legislation is expressed places excessive importance on informal guidance and demands of the charitable sector a greater trust in the inherent fairness and proportionality of the Commission’s approach to its powers than, perhaps, past experience would tend to justify. The text of the lecture has now been published in the Charity Law & Practice Review.

Annual Public Lecture by Professor Elizabeth Cooke - February 2016

Professor Elizabeth Cooke, Principal Judge, Property Chamber, Land Registration Division and former Law Commissioner gave a lecture on 18 February 2016, entitled, ‘Charity Law and the Boundaries of Non-Political Law Reform’.  In her lecture, Judge Cooke described the process of charity law reform and focussed on the new power to be given to charity trustees to make social investments. Read more.

Annual Public Lecture by Sir Stuart Etherington - Febraury 2015

To a large audience of students, academics, voluntary sector practitioners, lawyers and regulators, Sir Stuart Etherington, Chief Executive of NCVO (National Council for Voluntary Organisations) delivered the University of Liverpool’s Charity Law & Policy Unit’s annual public lecture on 12th February 2015.  In a wide-ranging talk, entitled ‘Beyond the Big Society, Sir Stuart, considered the state of the voluntary sector and its relationship with government. Read more.