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Pet Chemotherapy App

The UoL Pet Chemo App is an exclusive app designed for helping owners in monitoring chemotherapy side effects in pets with cancer. This has been built specifically for users of the Small Animal Teaching Hospital (SATH) of Liverpool University.

The app allows owners to daily monitor and record a number of activities that may be affecting their pet’s overall condition, such as energy levels, appetite and a number of other issues (e.g. tummy upsets like vomiting and diarrhoea). All information can be sent to the SATH on a daily basis with a simple click; these will be linked with the patient’s records for a more reliable and up to date assessment, and will be used by the veterinary oncologist as part of the decision making on for further treatment’s adjustment. The app can also be used for pets undergoing radiotherapy, thanks to a specific photo tool.

As we are aware that pets may be prescribed with a variety of different medications and that maintaining schedule is an important but time consuming matter, the app also offer the possibility of setting specific reminders.

With the UoL Pet Chemo App you can:

  • Use the “Chemotherapy diary” to record and send toxicity data on a daily basis
  • Use the “Medication Log” to set reminders for medications that need to be administered at home