The History of Nursing & Healthcare in Liverpool

The History of Nursing & Healthcare in Liverpool is a project developed by nursing students and staff at the University of Liverpool to explore the beginnings of modern nursing, and the general development of healthcare in Liverpool over the past two hundred years to address the challenges of care in a rapidly expanding industrial city.

The app explores the rich history relating to the people, their innovations and events within nursing and public health in Liverpool. Students from the university’s Nursing Society have been involved in the project’s conception and design. As well as completing a number of the Points of Interest (POI’s) they have interviewed retired nurses from the Royal Infirmaries Nurses League and provided their own voices to recite thoughts and words from the past.

Using the app you can discover the history of the people and places through an interactive map, which will guide you through the landmarks and POI’s. The audio clips recreate the voices of the past to enhance the visual aspects of the app.