Sniffing the Past

Sniffing the Past

Sniffing the Past is a project by Dr Chris Pearson, a historian at the University of Liverpool working on the history of dogs in London, New York and Paris, as well as environmental history and French history.

Using the Sniffing the Past app, you can now discover how dogs have shaped the great cities of the world through our interactive maps, which guide you through landmarks and points-of-interest.

Create and share your own points-of-interest to help extend our research, grow the data available to other users, or simply catalogue your favourite places to take the dog for a walk! Just snap a picture through the app, and choose whether to upload and share it with other users, or keep it for yourself.

App includes:

  • Interactive maps
  • Guided tours of London, New York and Paris
  • Create and share your own "points of interest"