The Sisters of Mersey

‘Sisters of Mersey’ is a women’s history app charting the history of women’s experiences and contributions to the city of Liverpool. Originating in the research of Dr Samantha Caslin, a historian at the University of Liverpool, this project aims to work with the community to provide information and inspiration from the Merseyside women who have shaped history.

Already featuring sections on Crime, Charity, Politics and on Popular Culture the map will identify sites of historical importance, the text and audio will explain the background of the women who influenced our society, and the ability to feed into the development of the app means you can help guide future content!

In addition to map locations this app will help to promote a wide range of sources of further information, including local archives and museums. It is therefore intended that ‘Sisters of Mersey’ will highlight the valuable and fascinating publicly available holdings of, amongst others, National Museums Liverpool and the Liverpool Record Office

Help promote and publicise the invaluable contribution women have made to the history and development of our City, and wider society.