Prof Karl Whittle BSc (Hons) MSc PhD

Professor of Nuclear Engineering Mechanical, Materials & Aerospace Eng


Advanced Nuclear Materials

The development of next generation nuclear materials, which take the experiences developed with previous materials, and using them to develop improved materials. For example, the generation of potential fuel matrices that can be used for longer in a fission core, leading to higher burn up. This area links both fission and fusion technologies, and incorporates new materials developed for use in other applications, such as high-temperature ceramics.

Radiation Damage and Material Properties

Concurrent with developing enhanced materials for use within a reactor, is the ability to predict how the damaging effects of radiation impacts the long term material stability. For example, how will a new reactor material behave, when being impacted by neutrons/fission fragments within the core? This is not limited to fission reactors, but also extends to fusion reactors, how are materials proposed for use within ITER/DEMO likely to behave at the extremes in temperature and neutron flux?

Research Grants
  • MAINTAiN - Multi-scAle INTegrity assessment for Advanced high-temperature Nuclear systems
  • Radiation effects and differential damage in binary carbide hybrids
  • Glass-Ceramics: Damaging Bubble Formation
  • Atomistic Scale Study of Radiation Effects in ABO3 Perovskites
  • Ceramic Coatings for Clad (The C^3 Project): Advanced Accident-Tolerant Ceramic Coatings for Zr-alloy Cladding
  • Corrosion in Cladding (ICASE Studentship)
  • From Processing to Simulated In-Reactor Performance of Zr Cladding
Research Collaborations

Dr Maulik Patel

Project: Nuclear Materials

Developing new materials tolerant of radiation damage

Dr Blas Uberuaga

External: Los Alamos National Laboratory

Radiation damage in oxides and ceramics

Dr Mahmoud Mostafavi

External: University of Bristol

Structural changes induced by radiation damage

Dr Mark Ogden

External: University of Sheffield

Decontamination and separation technologies in the nuclear fuel cycle

Dr Philip Edmondson

External: Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Developing models enhancing understanding of the impacts arising from radiation damage in nuclear materials, and the development of new materials.

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