Episode 6 - 10

Pebbles stacked on top of each other on water

Treasure Island Pedagogies - Episode 6 - the one with the hot air balloon

In Episode 6, rule breaking, disruption and connectedness were shared themes between our guests and their Treasure Island Pedagogies. Our guests also challenged us to look beyond the bright side of pedagogies into their ‘shadowy siblings’.

Speakers: Prof Nicola Whitton, Rikke Toft Nørgård, Simon Thomson and William Carey

29 March 2021 | 1 hour 5 minutes

Blog: Treasure Island Pedagogies: Episode 6

A guitar

Treasure Island Pedagogies - Episode 7 - the one with the ukulele

n Episode 7, learning is slow-burning, it takes time to nurture and it is great when it all comes together at the end. Our guests also discuss the potential of multimodal learning, through visual imagery, doodling, sketching or drawing.

Speakers: Dr Louise Drumm, Dr Michael Flavin, Dr Michael Kozakowski and Dr Vicki Dale

27 April 2021 | 39 minutes

Blog: Treasure Island Pedagogies: Episode 7

Several plastic people counters

Treasure Island Pedagogies - Episode 8 - the one with the Tunnocks tea cakes

In Episode 8, so much covered by our guests: open education, involving students as partners in our initiatives, the revival of audio to have meaningful and human connections with students and more.

Speakers: Alex Spiers, Dr Erika Smith and Jessica Humphreys

29 April 2021 | 38 minutes

Blog: Treasure Island Pedagogies: Episode 8

Man sitting looking at green landscape in the distance

Treasure Island Pedagogies - Episode 9 - the one with the tree house

In Episode 9, ungrading, threshold concepts, the Balloon Academy - lots of pedagogies and lightbulb moments resonated in today’s discussion. A common theme was linking learning to anything to do with moving and making.

Speakers: Dr Alice Kim, Dr Ingeborg van Knippenberg, Dr Nathalie Tasler and Dr Virna Rossi

21 June 2021 | 44 minutes

Blog: Treasure Island Pedagogies: Episode 9

Roasting marshmallows on campfire

Treasure Island Pedagogies - Episode 10 - the one with the cookbooks

In Episode 10, in addition to lightbulb moments, treasure island pedagogies/props and luxury items, our discussion touched on various creative collaborative solving approaches with students with our luxury items...

Speakers: Emily Chapman-Waterhouse, Emma Davenport, Dr Gulnaz Aksenova and Charles Wachira

06 September 2021 | 37 minutes

Blog: Treasure Island Pedagogies: Episode 10