Liverpool Learning Summit 2023: Pre-Event

Posted on: 16 November 2022 by Dr Sam Saunders and Laura Blundell in Conference & Event Reports

Liverpool Learning Summit 2023
(Liverpool Learning Summit 2023)

The University of Liverpool’s popular Learning Summits, which take place every January, are designed to provide a flexible, welcoming and collaborative space to explore innovative teaching practices in Higher Education, discuss pressing concerns or contemporary issues across the sector, and to generally challenge ourselves to think about university education in new or interesting ways – particularly what we can do, as teachers, to help improve our students’ overall experience.

The 2023 Summit – Citizenship: Local, Global, Digital

The next Summit will occur across the week of 23 January 2023, and will explore the theme of ‘Citizenship’ on a Local, a Global, and a Digital level. It will examine what it means for a university to be civically-engaged and how institutions can navigate and optimise their often-considerable role in their local communities. At the same time, a university must carefully balance this with their expected global connections and impact. We hope that attendees will be inspired to reflect on their own civic engagement and how they can apply partnerships in their own working environment. The theme of the ‘digital’ underpins both the local and the global; both students and university staff spend much of their time studying, interacting or simply ‘living’ online, and we would like to explore what universities can do to help students and staff to become better ‘digital citizens’.

The Timetable

The Summit differs from a usual academic conference, in that it is a mixture of talks, workshops, (inter)active sessions, lectures, and other non-traditional-format sessions. All of the talks will be delivered digitally, and the event is stretched across the whole week, allowing both participants and attendees to drop in-and-out as they wish.

Our speakers at Summit 2023 come from a variety of backgrounds from both inside and outside of higher education, and each will bring something unique to the discussion. We are delighted to be hosting Debbie Squire, Programme Manager of the Civic University Network, who along with Andrew Mycock from the University of Huddersfield and Tania Carregha from the Institute for Community Studies, will be speaking about how, when and why students choose to engage in civic participation. We will also hear from David White, who is currently President of the Association of Learning Technology (ALT) who will discuss the digital state we’re in, exploring both the opportunities and challenges for the citizen who lives most of their life in the hyperconnected digital environment. Other speakers include Emma Roberts, Associate Dean for Global Engagement at Liverpool John Moores University; Tom Redshaw from the University of Salford; and the University of Liverpool’s own Jamie Box from Strategic Change.

Getting Involved?

If you are working in the area(s) of student partnership or citizenship, university civic engagement, or institutional outreach, and you have an idea for a session, please do get in touch with us.

Booking links for each of the Summit sessions will be available via Eventbrite in the coming weeks.

For further information, or if you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Centre for Innovation in Education on