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The Arts through lockdown: our contribution in a time of crisis

Our academic departments are responding to the current pandemic in a number of creative and valuable ways – from wellbeing initiatives and home schooling materials, through to visor production and research into our changing perceptions of the media and government. Their collective efforts demonstrate the role of culture and the arts at times of national and global crisis. Explore the stories below…


Visors for the NHS

Visors for the NHS

The Technical Team have loaned their 3D printing facilities to colleagues in Engineering and four of our technicians, Stuey Carroll, Matt Howarth, Lara Gerrard and Chris Weston have been producing components using our laser cutters, for surgical visors for use by NHS workers.

Personal Views

Personal Views

The School of Architecture has been collecting and documenting the domestic settings that have now been transformed into workspaces.


Digital COVID-19 Visualisations and Impact: Design Implications and Applications that Reduce the Concentration of Airborne Droplets and Aerosols

CAVA team Monika Koeck (Director/Editor) and Richard Koeck (Executive Producer) have been selected to provide an urgent response to intervene in the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Monika Koeck and Richard Koeck Win the 2020 Impact DOCS Award Monika Koeck and Richard Koeck Win the 2020 Impact DOCS Award

Monika Koeck and Richard Koeck Win the 2020 Impact DOCS Award

Monika Koeck (Producer and Director, CineTecture) and Richard Koeck (Executive Producer, Director, CAVA) have won with their latest documentary film the prestigious Award of Merit from 2020 The Impact DOCS Awards Competition.

Communication and Media

Government and news responses to the pandemic

Report into Government and News Organisations responses to the pandemic

In the first in a series of factsheets for the UK COVID-19 news and information project, Dr Richard Fletcher, Dr Antonis Kalogeropoulos and Professor Rasmus Kleis Nielsen examine people’s attitudes towards how news organisations, government and other institutions are responding to the coronavirus pandemic.

Tokyo 2020: When the Games can't go on

Tokyo 2020: When the Games can't go on

Dr Beatriz Garcia discusses the impact of the postponement of the Olympic Games

Misinformation in the time of COVID-19

COVID-19: Being alone together: developing fake news immunity

Dr Elena Musi is developing a project around the impact of misinformation in the time of COVID-19.

It’s on WhatsApp, so it must be true!

It’s on WhatsApp, so it must be true!’: Social media and news use as pathways to explain (mis)perceptions and behaviours about Covid-19

Drs Patrícia Rossini and Antonis Kalogeropoulos will investigate the extent to which support for preventive measures or holding misinformed beliefs about the pandemic are explained by citizens' news media and social media habits, political attitudes and trust in media and institutions.

COVID videos by Communication and Media students

Final year Communication and Media students create COVID-19 videos

Watch a playlist of videos about students' experiences of the COVID outbreak, planned and produced at short notice under lockdown.

Being Alone Together: Developing Fake News Immunity

Being Alone Together: Developing Fake News Immunity

This project is framed in the area of "crisis informatics", the study of how (mis)information about COVID-19 is generated and flows over media platforms. The main goal is that of reverse-engineering the manipulation of information providing citizens with the means to act as fact checkers.



Culture Unconfined

Culture Unconfined Festival

The University of Liverpool is launching Culture Unconfined – five days of drama, documentary, poetry, film and music to help people engage and stave off isolation as lockdown bites.

Lunchtime Concert Series

Lunchtime Concert Series

During the current COVID-19 restrictions lunchtime concerts are being delivered as online videos at the usual time - Wednesday, 1pm. The new Listen and Learn activity packs allow young people to join in the fun too!

Singing for fun

Sing for Fun!

Join University of Liverpool Choral Director Louise Dickinson as she takes you through some simple warm ups, designed to relax and energise – then watch the second video to learn a simple song. Look out for more videos in the series, coming soon…

Catherine's Liverpool 50k

Catherine's Liverpool 50k Fundraiser for Claire House

Head of Department Catherine Tackley will be running 50km in 7 days to raise money for Claire House Children's Hospice.

Scrubs for the NHS

The Love of Scrubs

PhD Music student Emma Reekie is involved in a project to make scrubs for the NHS



MUSIC.ME is a music recommendation system that that allows people to discover music that was popular in their youth in the country where they grew up. This project was created in with the aim of helping people with dementia, their families and caregivers to use music as a means to improve their well-being during the period of the COVID-19.

Green Tangerines

Green Tangerines keep the Music Alive

Current students and alumni of the Department of Music, Green Tangerines have been busy in lockdown recording concerts for our viewing pleasure!


Katherine Furman

Philosophical Disquisitions: How to Understand COVID-19

Katherine Furman joined John Danaher's influential podcast to discuss COVID-19

My lockdown timecapsule

My lockdown time capsule

3rd year Philosophy and Business student Hannah Sayle creates a lockdown time capsule

The Philosophers Magazine

Keeping Close to Home: Communities and Contagion

Katherine Furman writes about pandemics as stress tests for communities.

Young Poets

Young poets

Colleagues from the Philosophy Department have launched a competition for young poets! Perfect if they're studying at home.

Putting covid in its place

Putting COVID-19 in Its Place

Katherine Furman will join the panel at the Philosophy of Science Association webinar on locating the scientific, psychological and social aspects of the crisis.

Readings by Richard Gaskin of Classic Literary Works

Stories from A. A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh and The House at Pooh Corner

Richard Gaskin has made freely downloadable audio files of literary readings - sure to provide comfort in isolated times.

In Conversation with Michael Hauskeller In Conversation with Michael Hauskeller

In Conversation with Michael Hauskeller

When the life we used to take for granted suddenly comes to a halt, to be indefinitely suspended, it is time to reflect on the fundamental things in life. Michael Hauskeller has done that in a series of online conversations with colleagues from all over the world, on topics such as birth and death, good and evil, love and meaning, asking questions that we all, in one way or another, wrestle with, especially in times like this.

Moral Maze

Moral Maze

Michael Hauskeller is set to appear on BBC Radio 4's Moral Maze to discuss life, death and meaning. Listen here.

Dr Katherine Furman

Why Covid dissidents need to be understood, not demonised

Dr Katherine Furman spoke to the Irish Times Unthinkable philosophy column about the need to understand Covid policy dissidents and vaccine refuseniks rather than demonise them.

Finding meaning in the face of Covid-19

Finding meaning in the face of Covid-19

Michael Hauskeller talks about what Covid-19 has taught us about living and dying well when the possibility of death and disease looms over us every day.