Research groups

Research Groups

Our thriving departments are engaged in a variety of groups and projects and contribute to a number of the University’s and Faculty's research themes.


Architecture Research

The Liverpool School of Architecture (LSA) is an internationally recognised centre for architectural and built environment research.

Research Culture, Space and Memory

Communication and Media Research

The Department has a long-standing reputation for interesting and innovative research

Research 18th Century Worlds

English Research

The Department of English aims to foster and develop strategic partnerships, particularly with local and national cultural organisations, to reach those who can benefit from our research.


Music Research

The Department of Music specialise in cross-repertoire, multi-disciplinary research that encompasses the broad spectrum of music studies.

Research Philosopher in Residence

Philosophy Research

The Department of Philosophy seeks to maintain the highest standard in research excellence while pursuing fruitful civic engagements, collaborative relationships and opportunities for knowledge exchange and research impact.

Research centres

Research Centres

The School of the Arts hosts a number of research centres as an integral part of the School’s overall research profile.