Photo of Dr Francesca Piazzoni

Dr Francesca Piazzoni Ph.D. (Planning); Ph.D. (Architecture); M.Arch.

Lecturer Architecture


Personal Statement

Francesca Piazzoni is a lecturer at the University of Liverpool, School of Architecture. Her research explores the politics of public space with a focus on design justice, insurgent urbanisms, and critical heritage. Piazzoni holds a Ph.D. in Urban Planning from the University of Southern California, a Ph.D. in Architecture from IUAV University of Venice, and a Master of Architecture s.c.l. from Sapienza University of Rome.

Francesca's work broadly investigates how design processes can help empower marginalized groups to occupy, use, and produce the city. Her current project explores older women's geographies of care in the Liverpool City Region. Previous work analyzed street vending in touristic Rome by combining archival and ethnographic methods. Beginning with Jewish vendors in the late 19th century up to present-day Bangladeshi sellers, Piazzoni invstigated how marginalized groups emplace a Right to Difference by seeing and being seen in iconic landscapes.

Another strand of Piazzoni's research examines the social and political implications of authenticity. A licensed architect, Francesca started interrogating authenticity by practicing in China, Lithuania, and Italy, an experience that prompted her to complicate Western-European constructs of "real" and "fake." Along other projects on this topic, Piazzoni's first book titled "The Real Fake: Authenticity and the Production of Space" (Fordham University Press, 2018) analyzes how ideas of "the authentic" exclude underprivileged groups in Thames Town, the British-themed new town of Shanghai.

Before joining LSA in 2019, Francesca taught and carried out research at UCLA for the Urban Humanities Initiative, at the Tongji Urban Planning and Design Institute in Shanghai, and at the Vilnius Technical University (VGTU).
Francesca teaches design studios in the fourth year (M.Arch.), and lectures in urban studies at the postgraduate and undergraduate levels.



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