Stefania Silvestri

Stefania Silvestri

Researcher Developer (Research Staff)

Job Description

I joined the Prosper team in April 2022, working as Researcher Developer at the University of Manchester. In July 2023 I joined the University of Liverpool as Researcher Developer (Research Staff) working long-term on Prosper. Previously I was a postdoctoral Research Associate in manuscript and material culture studies for 7 years. I bring into the job my experience as an international researcher with a passion for languages and cultures, and my enthusiasm to support others in developing their career potential.

Since taking the leap into researcher development, I have realised that I am mostly interested in empowering postdocs in making their own career choices. I am a fierce advocate of diverse and possibly unconventional career pathways, with all the added skills that these bring into organisations and roles. And I am particularly vocal about the need for a greater understanding and better welcoming of such careers within the academic sector.



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