Purchasing and catering

The University's purchasing decisions have major socio-economic and environmental implications, both locally and globally. To minimise the their impact, and ensure a long-term approach is applied to all purchasing decisions, sustainability needs to be integrated into the all of our procurement processes. 

Sustainable procurement is one of the main engines through which we can achieve sustainable development by meeting the need for goods, services, works and utilities in a way that achieves value for money on the 'whole life' basis of the product. This not only generates benefits for us but also for society and the economy while minimising damage to the environment.

Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Food Systems: addressing the global food challenge

Learn how the Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Food Systems is harnessing expertise to improve human health through what we eat, understand choice and enable equitable and fair access, support the generation of food that is authentic, safe and nutritious from sustainable systems and characterise resilient supply chains that minimise risks to human, animal and plant health and the environment.