William Norcup-Brown

William is in the first year of his doctorate with the School of Law and Social Justice.

What course are you currently studying?  

I am currently studying for my PhD in Law. I am in the first year of my doctorate, and my research areas are constitutional law and property law.  

Why did you choose to undertake postgraduate research at the University of Liverpool? 

The law department, including my supervisors, were extremely keen on working with me when I initially discussed my PhD proposal with them. They were very passionate about my field of research, and were certainly the most enthusiastic about my project out of all of the universities that I applied to. This made accepting my Liverpool offer an easy decision.  

What is the best thing about studying in your department? 

The shared passion that we all have for our research. We are a very close and supportive community, and different members of staff are always willing to offer their help or advice if you require it.  

How do the University facilities help you with your studies? 

The School of Law and Social Justice itself is based in a beautiful, modern building, and PGR students get their own allocated desk space to work from in one of our PGR suites. There are also numerous excellent libraries to use, including the Sydney Jones Library and Harold Cohen Library. If you’re looking for a change of scenery, then the local cafes are great places to work from too.  

What kind of support do you get from tutors? 

I see my supervisors once per month, as is the formal procedure, but they are always available to help and give advice outside of this should I need it. I also get plenty of support from other members of staff that I’ve built relationships with, as well as from my PGR Director. For those that require it, the faculty also run regular wellbeing sessions, in case anyone feels as though they need extra mental health support.  

What do you enjoy most?

That I am able to make significant contributions to the academy, and work on a project that I am incredibly passionate about. I know that my work can have a huge impact on my field if I dedicate myself accordingly, and the University are incredibly supportive of my ambitions and long-term career goals.  

How do you believe undertaking postgraduate research will help your career prospects? 

My PhD is essentially my first step towards a career in academia, and the University has countless resources and programs that support this. Every PGR student will become a member of the Liverpool Doctoral College, which runs regular professional development training and builds support networks for early-career researchers.  

What advice would you give to anybody considering postgraduate research? 

The University of Liverpool is a world-class Russell Group institution, recognised internationally for our research quality and our teaching. Start by simply contacting different departments and learning more about the wide range of research areas that we are currently engaged with. Then, when you’ve narrowed down a research project that aligns with your passions and career ambitions, start identifying potential supervisors in your field and reach out to them. It’s worked for me and will work for you too.