Meet our PhD researchers

Find out more about studying for a PhD at Liverpool from our postgraduate researchers.

Muneerah Abdullah M Alaqeel headshot

Muneerah Abdullah M Alaqeel, Saudi Arabia

Muneerah is a lecturer in Saudi Arabia and her PhD is being sponsored by the Saudi Culture Bureau.

Lucy McAreavey - landing page

Lucy McAreavey, UK

Lucy progressed onto a PhD after completing her undergraduate degree BSc in Physics with Medical Applications at the University of Liverpool.

Mateus Milani

Mateus Milani, Brazil

Mateus is being sponsored by the Brazilian government to undertake research into cancer therapy.

Katie Neary - landing page

Katie Neary, UK

After graduating from Liverpool, Katie worked in Higher Education for five years. She is now researching innovation in the NHS.

Diana Nikolova headshot

Diana T Nikolova, Bulgaria

Diana completed her undergraduate degree, BA Egyptian Archaeology and MA Archaeology, at Liverpool and is now a PhD researcher in Archaeology.

Elaine Sanderson

Elaine Sanderson, UK

Having completed her undergraduate and MA in Classics, Elaine joined the Department of Archaeology, Classics and Egypotology to complete her PhD.

Mate Subasic headshot

Mate Subasic, Croatia

Mate is a PhD researcher looking at nationalism, identity politics and trans-border groups in South East Europe.

Edgar Pina Hernandez landing page

Edgar Pina Hernandez, Mexico

Edgar is being funded by CONACyT, the Mexican Council of Science and Technology.


Hammed Badmos, Nigeria

Hammed is a PhD researcher who aspires to work in cancer research on completion of his PhD.