Muneerah Abdullah M Alaqeel headshot

Muneerah Abdullah M Alaqeel

Muneerah is a lecturer in Saudi Arabia and her PhD is being sponsored by the Saudi Culture Bureau.

What were your main reasons for choosing to undertake postgraduate research at the University of Liverpool?

There is a high demand for those with a PhD in the field of physics.  

Can you summarise your postgraduate research in a few sentences?

Exploring the nuclear existence at the proton drip line in the highly neutron deficient region between Z=50 and 82 are the main subject of this study. 

What support have you recieved from the Liverpool Doctoral College?

I have attended a number of workshops that the Liverpool Doctoral College provide to postgraduate researchers, workshops run throughout the year and during Postgraduate Researcher week, which occurs three times a year.

How do you believe postgraduate research will help your career prospects?

I am currently a lecturer in Saudi Arabia, by gaining a PhD I will be promoted from my current role to Assistant Professor.