Research Degree Administration Team

General Enquiries                        
Postgraduate research administration strategy, planning and quality assurance

Research Degree Team Manager  Mike Percival

PGR Strategy and Planning Manager Steve Bickerstaff

PA: Ruth Scott-Williams  T:0151 794 4922                                                         


Research Council and Grant Funded Studentships Administrator. Faculty Link Officer for Humanities and Social Sciences

Debbie Henderson

0151 794 2040


Faculty Link Officer for Science and Engineering and Health and Life Sciences. University PGR Endowment Scholarships Administration

Lyn Hughes

0151 794 2035


Team Leader, Student Records Team

Joanna Lacey

0151 794 2034


Student Records Team - Changes to student records, arrangements for postgraduate research examination processes, and handling general enquiries

Geraldine Arnold Student Records Officer 0151 795 4698
Angie Muldoon Student Records Officer 0151 794 2004
Karl Jones Student Records Officer 0151 795 4698
Asmina Khan Students Records Officer 0151 794 6023