COVID-19: important information for research students

We are continuing business as usual for PGR's at the moment. This means that as far as possible, please keep in contact with your supervisors about your research. Please see the APR section below for advice about recording meetings.

Below is a brief summary of the current practices. A list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) for PGRs provides detailed information to help you further.


COVID-19 Impact Log for PGR Students

We remain committed to supporting you through your research and studies by minimising and mitigating the impact of COVID-19 as much as we can.  To help you, your supervisor and the University with minimising and mitigating impacts we are introducing a ‘COVID-19 Impact Log’.

This log will allow you to document any significant COVID-related impact on the progress of your research project, together with the mitigating plans that have been implemented. The form should be regularly reviewed jointly by you and your supervisor(s). In discussing the form with your supervisor you should bear in mind that a key goal has to be completing the PhD within reasonable time.  This may involve a redesign of the project or a reduction in planned activity.

The University is requesting that all doctoral research students, however funded and irrespective of end-date of funding or PGR programme, complete and maintain this COVID-19 log.

You can access the form here COVID 19 PGR Log

Further details for completing the form below;

CV19 Log Completion Advice


Thesis Submission and Viva

If you are ready to submit your thesis, you can via email it to PGRS and as long as we have had the Intention to Submit Form  it will be forwarded on to your examiners. Vivas are taking place as normal and will usually be done remotely. You will need to complete a Remote Viva Form which you can return to PGRS. Furthermore, the Remote Viva policy (Appendix 9 of the PGR Code of Practice) is available by accessing the CoP link below.

Theses are being sent out electronically by the PGR Student Team, you may find that an examiner will request a hard copy be posted to them, if this happens, please could you refer them to The thesis should only be sent by the PGR Student Team.


Graduation July 2021

The deadline for the receipt of paperwork for the July Graduation is 25th June 2021. By this date we need to have received all the exam reports and you need to have deposited your final thesis in the library, please.

Please refer to the Graduation web pages for the latest updates in relation to ceremonies for July.


Submission Deadline Extension

As you may have noted, the University has extended almost every PGR registration by adding 6 months to your thesis submission deadline. Exceptions to this are people who have already submitted and are in the process of completing major or minor corrections or resubmitting.

The extension is done at no cost to you. It cannot be done earlier in your registration, we can only extend your deadline for submission. Please note, this will potentially be different to your funding deadline. A funding extension is different to an chronological extension.

Please also note that this extension is designed to mitigate for the effects of the pandemic. It is felt this is enough time to adapt to new practices and any further extra time will be subject to the conditions laid out in the PGR Code of Practice, Appendix 6. Therefore, if you intend to make a request, please read Appendix 6 before doing so.

Please note, the extension is neither full nor part time, any changes to that element of registration, therefore will not include this extension.

Submission Pending

If you are or were due to go submission pending, you should still go ahead.

If you were due to spend more time in a lab, when we eventually return to the buildings, we will resolve that issue locally at the time we return. Some people are already able to return, this is also being arranged locally by Faculties or schools, if you have any queries, you should contact them.

Please note that transferring to submission pending will result in a significantly reduced fee and will not impact on access to labs or research facilities during the pandemic.


International Students with T4 Visa and Suspending Studies

If you have a T4 visa and are still in the UK and find you need to request a suspension of studies, its vitally important that you contact the International Advice and Guidance Team ( beforehand to ascertain the potential implications for your visa. We are still required to report the suspension of studies to the UKVI.


Who to Contact

There may be many other questions related to this situation, you can email any of the administrators, link officers or the PGRS email with them and you should get an answer quite quickly. As you know, the pandemic situation does not remain static and so, if we have changes, we will put them here. More immediate changes will be notified by email so do please, keep an eye on that. Contact email addresses are all available in the left hand navigation of this page.


Annual Progress Reports

Finally! Annual Progress Reports will be released as normal, please complete the report as best as you are able when you receive it. Non completion could still cause delays to ongoing registration.  The APR data is static once released, we can however, refresh the report if it is still at Check stage, if you send us an email, as above, if you think the submission deadline in the APR is incorrect, for example. It will also be vital that you check the contact details we have for you now please and correct those if not up to date.

We are aware the meeting record may be slightly unusual because of the current situation, however, we hope that you are still keeping in contact with your supervisors and you can record email contact or remote meetings as part of your meeting record. As the university hasnt officially closed, there is an expectation that contact will be continued and recorded as normal unless you have suspended your studies.

Below this are the links to the Code of Practice, the degree Ordinances and the forms page as well as to the new 2020/21 PGR Handbook.

Thank you and stay safe.

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