Transferring to a different programme

The information on this page explains the process of transferring to a different programme of study for both Postgraduate and Undergraduate students.

Before you transfer to another course

You may feel that you have chosen the wrong programme and want to transfer to another programme of study, within the same school or into an entirely new area of study.

It is important before you make any decisions, to talk to your school or personal tutor who may be able to offer help and advice.

If you don’t want to talk to your school or personal tutor, Student Services will be able to offer you confidential help and advice. You can speak to a member of the Wellbeing Team and may be referred to the Counselling Service for additonal support. 

You will also need to take into account any possible financial issues that could arise if you change your programme. Before you make your decision, you must contact the Student Loans Company if you receive funding from them, or any sponsor who assists you with payment of fees or maintenance funding.

You can also speak with the Money Advice and Guidance team in Student Services and the Careers and Employability Service for further advice.

International students

If you want to transfer to a different programme of study before finishing your current programme will need to check that you have enough time on your visa for you to complete your new course. In most cases, if it's not long enough, you will need to apply for a new visa before transferring to your new programme. Usually, in most cases, this visa application will need to take place outside the UK.

The International Advice and Guidance team will contact you to discuss your transfer.

How to transfer

The process of transferring to a different programme depends on your level of study or if you are an XJTLU 2+2 student.

Undergraduate students

If you do decide to transfer to a different programme and understand the financial and/or visa implications, you will need to:

  • Complete the transfer between programmes form
  • Meet with an academic adviser for the programme you want to transfer to who will approve or decline your transfer
  • If your transfer is approved, you might meet with an academic adviser once more to finalise your transfer.

XJTLU 2+2 student transferring back to XJTLU

If you are on the dual degree with XJTLU as a 2+2 student you may be able to request to transfer back to XJTLU if you have grounds that your personal, financial, or medical circumstances are likely to prevent you from continuing to study at the University of Liverpool.

If you do decide to request a transfer back to XJTLU:

Postgraduate students

Before making a transfer request, you must speak to your School, Department, or Institute.

Transferring from MPhil/MD to PhD or vice versa

You can transfer from an MPhil/MD to a PhD or vice versa if your School, Department, or Institute considers it appropriate.

To apply for a transfer:

Changing your mode of study

If you would like to change your study method from full-time to part-time or vice versa, you should read the ordinance governing your degree to check if there are time limitations on changing your mode of study. You can discuss this further with your school or personal tutor

Transfer of a different subject area

In some circumstances, it may be appropriate for you to request a change in your subject area known as your major code. The request for a change of major code must be made by the School, Department, or Institute into which you would be transferring. Approval must be sought from the Directors of Postgraduate Research in the relevant area(s) using the transfer of major code form.

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