Data from Veterinary Practices: Real-time syndromic surveillance

SAVSNET collects data from animal’s electronic health records when they are seen at participating veterinary practices for a consultation.  Veterinary practices who are part of the SAVSNET network display information in the waiting room allowing owners to read about the project and decide whether they would like their pet’s information to be analysed for research.  Owners can opt out on a consult-by-consult basis by simply telling their veterinary surgeon or nurse in the consultation. 

Electronic health record data is submitted to SAVSNET through a window appears at the end of a consultation, asking the veterinary surgeon or nurse to choose the main reason for the animal to be brought to the veterinary practice.  There are then some short additional multiple choice questions which allow for more detailed information to be obtained.

This data is used by researchers to understand the reasons why animals are taken to veterinary practices, how conditions are managed and how we can help improve health and welfare of companion animals.

Currently, over 500 veterinary sites across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have joined up to SAVSNET. 

Dog with vet