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Lunch and Learn Talks

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Making your Professional Development Review (PDR) fit with your personal and professional goals


Would you like to feel well prepared and comfortable in your PDR meeting?
Would you like the outcome of your PDR to meet both your personal and professional goals?
This session will provide some very practical tips to help you feel empowered to ensure that your PDR experience works for you whilst reaching a mutually beneficial outcome for you and your PDR Reviewer.

How career development can help you Prosper

No idea what the next steps look like in your career? Or perhaps you've got a clear career aspriatoin but need clarity on how to achieve it? Either way, this session is for you. We'll be taking you through what Prosper offers currently and giving you an early glimpse at what's coming next.


The importance of research integrity in undertaking research

Identifying some of the challenges that arise when conducting research, and how good research practices can help to avoid issues or research integrity and research misconduct.

How to use Microsoft Teams for research collaboration and communication

How MS Teams has helped reduce emails and aid in the organisation of events. 

Take a look at different uses of MS Teams for research:

The Research Support Office (RSO) gives a talk on FEC 

Want to know what FEC is? Want to learn how the University recovers costs from grants? Need advice on how to cost your grant or how to budget? Then this session is for you!

Positioning Research within the sustainable development goals (SDGs)

This session explored some simple steps that researchers can take to position their research within the context of the SDGs and help to increase our understanding about their interconnectivity as well as the wicked problems and wicked solutions that are emerging.

The good, the bad and the ugly about getting a Tenure Track Fellowship: A panel session 

Experiences and lessons learnt from new principal investigators in their path to forming their own group.

Whether you’re early in the path or close to getting your Tenure Track Fellowship, whether you are in a similar discipline or very different, there is always something to learn from other’s experiences.

Researchers take charge: Your culture, your development, your future

The Researcher Development Concordat sets out expectations for institutions, funders, managers and researchers under three leading Principles of Environment and culture; Employment; and Professional and Career Development. But what can researchers do to realise these expectations?

In this interactive workshop, discussion was related to the expectations, challenges and opportunities for developing careers.

It’s all about you: Making your PDR fit with your personal and professional goals

How to feel well prepared and comfortable in your PDR meeting. How to get the outcome of your PDR to meet both your personal and professional goals.

What is mentoring and how it might help you? 

An overview of mentoring; the personal and professional benefits; how it differs from other forms of support; how to choose a mentor; a brief tour of the University Mentoring Portal; and tips on how to make a mentoring relationship successful.

UoL IT Services: Agresso Web Untangled

An overview of Agresso Web and help staff navigate the purchase to pay process with confidence.

From PhD to PI: Applying for and doing ECR research fellowships in HSS

Many early career researchers aspire to lead their own major research project. What lessons can we learn from new PIs on applying for and leading their own research projects? Get first-hand their tips for applying for competitive funding schemes and their lessons learnt about project management, leadership and collaboration.

Introduction to Public Engagement 

An overview of the stages needed to create an excellent public engagement activity linked to your research and opportunities and support offered by the University.

UK Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers: What it actually means for research staff at Liverpool

The Concordat is an agreement between funders and employers of research staff to improve the employment and support for researchers and research careers in UK higher education. But what does the Concordat actually mean for research staff at Liverpool? How can you benefit from it? The interactive panel session features postdocs and research staff at Liverpool who are involved in Concordat initiatives.

It’s all about you: making your PDR fit with personal and professional goals

This session will provide some very practical tips to help you feel empowered to ensure that your PDR experience works for you whilst reaching a mutually beneficial outcome for you and your PDR Reviewer.

Pitfalls for Projects at Pre- and Post-Award

The University has more than 500 distinct research funders across 2,000+ projects, each with their own specific set of challenges. Fortunately, there are some common tips to keep in mind and common errors to avoid, with resources available across the University to assist with navigating the (hopefully minor) perils associated with them. This session will provide knowledge of the most common requirements for funders and information on where to go for different types of query.


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