University of Liverpool Research Staff Association - Terms of Reference

University of Liverpool Research Staff Association (UoL RSA) is supported and managed by The Leadership, Organisational, Staff and Academic Development Academy (The Academy) and the UK Research Staff Association (UKRSA). UoL RSA is a research community-owned and led initiative. Upon commencement of their contracts, all academic research only automatically become members of the UoL RSA.

This page was updated: July 2021
Next review: July 2022


  • Represent research staff from all Faculties, Schools and Institutes on matters affecting researchers
  • Provide a platform for communication, networking and professional development opportunities for research staff both within the schools, institutes and across Faculties and the wider University community
  • Coordinate central support for researcher development with that provided locally by Faculties, schools and institutes
  • Facilitate a borderless community for researchers to make the most of their time at the University of Liverpool.

Frequency of Meetings

  • The co-chairs and deputy co-chairs meet every 2 weeks along with a member(s) of the Academy Researcher development team
  • An informal meeting with liaison members takes place every 4 weeks and is also open to all research staff and advertised in particular to new staff.

Time implications

  • All roles are designed to be undertaken as part of a team, with collaborative input from across the Chairs and Officers team, to reduce the burden of voluntary commitments on single individuals
  • Participation in ongoing activities and the bi-weekly meetings between the RSA and the Academy result in an estimated 1 day a month

Communication and Record Keeping: Roles and Responsibilities

The UoL RSA continues to welcome colleagues to take on roles in the Steering Group. This is particularly crucial to ensure the sustainability of the RSA, and it would be ideal to have at least two representatives assigned to each role so that responsibilities can be shared. Below is a list of the different roles within the committee and what they entail. It is recognised that roles will change as the Association develops. All roles are designed to be undertaken with the support of fellow Steering Committee members, and the Academy representatives.

Find out who the current members of the Steering Committee are.

Co-Chairs (one from each Faculty; holding this position for at least 1 year then help as out-going chair for a period of 1-2 months)

  • Collaborate with co-Chairs to ensure all responsibilities including representation on University Committees (in particular, the Concordat Steering Group) are covered as required, and ensuring two-way communication of activities and priorities
  • Attend and organise regular RSA meetings, conferences and social events
  • Lead for activities, including RSA Actions arising from the Concordat Action Plan
  • Write up the RSA annual report of activities
  • Have direct responsibility to liaise with The Academy
  • Facilitating connections and collaborative activities with RSAs at other institutions.

Deputy co-Chairs (help as out-going deputy co-chair for a period of 1-2 months)

  • Take minutes and helps organise meetings, including calendar reminders for activities
  • Day-to-day management of the RSA email account
  • Collates weekly RSA email bulletin to promote development opportunities, wellbeing resources and upcoming events
  • Manages comms, including the @UoL_RSA Twitter account, to be monitored and used to engage with researchers and promote events/resources
  • Potential to becoming co-chair.

Local Liaison Representatives from Each School/Institute

  • Attend regular RSA meetings (i.e. informal coffee meetings, lunch and learns etc)
  • Function as the point of contact for staff within Schools/Institutes regarding issues/problems/sharing of effective practice and to bring these to the RSA Committee members attention (via meetings or email)
  • Actively report back/communicates to their school/institutes with outcomes from the RSA activities (which will be shared with liaison members via the Teams channel)
  • Actively participate in the organisation and promotion of RSA events.

The RSA welcomes role sharing and those that want to help organise an RSA event, as well as people who can only provide support for a limited time. If you are interested in discussing or taking on one of these roles or a more specialised role, such as social media management, please contact the co-chairs of the UoL RSA at

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