Dr Joshua Dean- Lecturer in Biogeochemical Cycles, School of Environmental Sciences

I went to the interactive seminar “Raising your research profile by writing for The Conversation” last year. It was a really practical and informative session led by the main contact editor for my subject area (environmental sciences). I learned how the process works when pitching an idea: the timing, length and language you should use. Any research can be of interest to the public, it’s a matter of coming up with the right point of interest, and the editor we met was more than happy to engage with any scientists to help build content.

Ashkan Eliasy- Senior Research Associate, Civil Engineering and Industrial Design

I found “Making an Impact”  extremely useful to learn key skills and network within and beyond academia. Through attending some of these lectures, I developed better negotiations skills, explored work opportunities within and beyond academia and learned about entrepreneurship and how to commercialise my research. Through an extremely useful three days workshop, I went through every step from the development of initial idea to IP, team building, fund raising and opening a startup or spinout company. Through the session organised by RSA, we developed a proposal on a multidisciplinary project by meeting researchers from various different fields and discussing possible ideas that incorporate everyone’s expertise. This idea was then assessed and constructive feedback were given that provided the strong foundation for submitting an ECR funding proposal. Anyone looking for developing their professional skills and knowledge should not hesitate to attend to these sessions.

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Ashkan Eliasy – Senior Research Associate

Dr Nicola Beesley - PDRA

Mary Jane Monaghan - Research Assistant