Our HyFlex Commitment

In keeping with the Academy’s commitment to democratise the access of development opportunities for all across a broad portfolio of activities, and our continued aspiration to innovate hybrid forms of practice, we will incorporate a Hybrid-Flexible, or HyFlex approach where possible.

What is a HyFlex development activity?

A HyFlex activity is one in which a facilitator(s)/ presenter(s) simultaneously engage with some participants onsite and others online (hybrid online-onsite) and also records the sessions to make them asynchronously accessible for a later date. Individuals then have the choice to (re)watch these recorded sessions outside of the designated session time (flexible).

The rapid changes in the professional landscape, and the need – now more than ever – to be able to collaborate across physical, disciplinary and institutional silos, highlights the importance of HyFlex approaches in celebrating, connecting with, and learning from the rich and diverse experiences of one another. What makes engaging in HyFlex development activities so worthwhile, are the opportunities for participants to create – in essence – a bespoke development experience for themselves.

For those joining a HyFlex session onsite/in-person

Take advantage of the multiple windows of engagement! You’ll have the advantage of observing in-person nuances of those engaging around the room, but also the opportunity to share and discuss these with those joining online.   

For those joining a HyFlex session online

Be involved – communicate, communicate, communicate! Your virtual engagement is of particular importance to the tapestry of a HyFlex activity. Get involved in the learning – write comments in the chat box, unmute yourselves when engagement is encouraged. We will aim to have two facilitators where possible with one dedicated to monitoring the online chat and participation. Do flag any audio or video issues as soon as possible. As a virtual participant, if you would prefer to ask any questions verbally, instead of in the chat, please use the raise hand function on Zoom (or paste the $ sign in the chat).

For those leading/ facilitating a HyFlex session

Unite your audiences – strive for facilitation that delivers fully for all audiences, so one group is neither advantaged nor disadvantaged compared to the other. The Academy RD Team will be taking measures to ensure that the sound is clear for virtual participants both before and during the session. The session chair should endeavour to alternate questions between those asked in the room and online to ensure a balance of interactivity/engagement. 

Visit the Tips for Presenting in HyFlex Sessions page.

The Academy is committed to providing an environment which recognises and values people's differences, capitalises on the strengths that those differences bring to the institution and supports all staff and students in maximising their potential to succeed.

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