Tips for Presenting in HyFlex Sessions

Find out how to get the best out of a HyFlex session.

The presentation

  • If you are using a powerpoint or similar, make sure the text is clearly visible (at least font size 14)
  • Avoiding text around the edges of the slides will also ensure that any images of the presenter also on the screen will not cover any text
  • It is best to display the presentation via the projector and with online audiences via the “share screen” function on Zoom at the same time
  • For ease, make sure you share your presentation with the organisers beforehand.

The audiences

  • For presenters that are in the room, a webcam will be available so just speak to the room as normal, and everyone will be able to see you clearly
  • For those presenters attending online, online participants can “spotlight” you. Those attending in person will be able to see you on the large screen.

Managing Zoom

  • It is the role of the Chair to make sure there is a dedicated person to monitor Zoom to let in people, start polls, and note down any questions from the chat to be asked verbally
  • How the session will run and how to ask questions needs to be explained at the start of the session to both the online and in person audiences.


  • An external microphone and speaker system will enable online audiences to ask questions verbally, and their in-built mics mean they can pick up questions asked in the room as well
  • Both online and in person participants should be encouraged to ask questions.

Speak up

All presenters will have a microphone but it’s for the online audience, so make sure to speak at a ‘presenter’ volume (even when answering questions) to be sure everyone can hear you.


If want a virtual (as well as an actual) show of hands, it may be best to set up a Zoom poll in advance. With a bit of planning, it’s easy to get both audiences involved.

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