Solar panels on the roof of a house


We are developing solutions to address climate change as well as anticipating its effects and taking action to prevent or minimise the damage they can cause, bringing tangible benefits at a global, regional and local scale.

Saving energy with a coat of paint Row of terraced houses

Saving thermal energy with a coat of paint

Developing solutions to help save thermal energy and reduce CO2 emissions in domestic settings.

Transforming sulfur Transforming sulfur into an alternative to plastics

Transforming sulfur

Our chemists are looking into whether a super material to help the world overcome its reliance on plastics has been hiding in plain sight.

A new class of liquid materials 3D model of porous liquid modules

Industry applications of innovative new class of materials

Scientists from the University of Liverpool and Queen’s University Belfast have created a company with private sector colleagues to advance porous liquids.

Tackling the silent “killer” in the kitchen Cooking outside on a wood fire

Household air pollution

Building on 15 years research to tackle household air pollution which impacts on three billion people who rely on solid fuels.