The SAGE (Silicon And GErmanium) spectrometer is a device designed and built by a collaboration of the University of Liverpool, the University of Jyväskylä and the STFC Daresbury Laboratory.

SAGE was designed to study physics cases where the strong competition between internal conversion and γ-ray emission limits the amount of information obtainable through independent study of the one or the other.

The spectrometer allows simultaneous in-beam γ-ray and internal conversion electron measurements better than previously possible. It combines the Jurogam II germanium detector array with a highly segmented silicon detector and an electron transport system. SAGE is coupled with the RITU gas-filled recoil separator and the GREAT focal-plane spectrometer for recoil-decay tagging studies.‌



A digital data acquisition system is used for both the γ-ray and the electron parts of the spectrometer. A total of 196 channels are connected to the TDR system through Lyrtech VHS-ADC cards.‌