Undergraduate Studies

As a well-funded, influential member of the international physics research community, we can offer you a fantastic undergraduate education.

Our 3-year BSc programme is aligned with a wide range of careers and offers numerous options, including those which are industry-specific such as Nuclear Science or Medical Physics.

Alternatively, our 4 year MPhys programme directly leads to a Masters qualification and is ideal if you are planning a career as a professional research physicist.

Physics Brochure

We also offer several specialised courses which may better reflect your interests and career ambitions.

Why study with us?

Physics is the fundamental science that covers the smallest to the largest scales and by studying it we have made everything from the microchip to space flight possible. With a physics degree you will have the skills to understand, take measurements, make predictions and create new methods in any walk of life you chose to go into.

All of our existing degree programmes are IOP accredited and cover classical and modern physics topics, and also include modules in mathematics, computing and experimental physics.

World-class facilities

Our research and teaching laboratories are world-class and include the new, state-of-the-art central teaching hub.

Study with world-leading scientists

As a member of our community, you will be taught by internationally renowned physicists who are pursuing frontier research.


There are exciting opportunities to undertake projects and gain experience in Liverpool and at our partner institutes worldwide.