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The structural analysis of Cu(111)-Te 3 × 3 R30 and 2 3 × 2 3 R30 surface phases by quantitative LEED and DFT
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Adsorption and stability of malonic acid on rutile TiO< sub> 2</sub>(110), studied by near edge X-ray absorption fine structure and photoelectron spectroscopy
Karen L Syres, Andrew G Thomas, Darren M Graham, Ben F Spencer, Wendy R Flavell, Mark J Jackman, Vinod R Dhanak, Surface Science

Electrochemical performance of laser micro-structured nickel oxyhydroxide cathodes
Alex R Neale, Yang Jin, Jinglei Ouyang, Stephen Hughes, David Hesp, Vinod Dhanak, Geoff Dearden, Stuart Edwardson, Laurence J Hardwick

Crystalline and quasicrystalline allotropes of Pb formed on the fivefold surface of icosahedral Ag-In-Yb
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(Invited) Interface Engineering Routes for a Future CMOS Ge-Based Technology
Ivona Z Mitrovic, Mohammed Althobaiti, Ayendra Don Weerakkody, Naser Sedghi, Stephen Hall, Vinod R Dhanak, et. al., ECS Transactions

Ge interface engineering using ultra-thin La2O3 and Y2O3 films: A study into the effect of deposition temperature
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Templated quasicrystalline molecular layers
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Templated quasicrystalline molecular ordering
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The templated growth of a chiral transition metal chalcogenide
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Templated quasicrystalline ordering of single elements and molecules
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Finite Size Effects in Magnetic and Optical Properties of Antiferromagnetic NiO Nanoparticles
Bhagaban Kisan, PC Shyni, Samar Layek, HC Verma, David Hesp, Vinod Dhanak, Satheesh Krishnamurthy, A Perumal, Magnetics, IEEE Transactions on


Templated three-dimensional growth of quasicrystalline lead
Sharma, H. R., Nozawa, K., Smerdon, J.A., Nugent, P.J., McLeod, I., Dhanak, V.R., Shimoda, M., Ishii, Y., Tsai, A.P., McGrath, R., Nature Comms.

STM and XPS investigation of the oxidation of the Al4(Cr,Fe) quasicrystal approximant
Parle, J.K., Beni, A., Dhanak, V.R., Smerdon, J.A., Schmutz, P., Wardé, M., Barthés-Labrousse, M.G., Bauer, B., Gille, P., Sharma, H.R., McGrath, R., Applied Surface Science.

Scanning tunneling microscopy of a polygrain Al-Pd-Re quasicrystal: Study of the relative surface stability
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Low EOT GeO2/Al2O3/HfO2 on Ge substrate using ultrathin Al deposition
Mather, S., Sedghi, N., Althobaiti, M., Mitrovic, I.Z., Dhanak, V., Chalker, P.R., Hall, S., Microelectronic Engineering

Interface engineering of Ge using thulium oxide: Band line-up study
Mitrovic, I.Z., Althobaiti, M., Weerakkody, A.D., Sedghi, N., Hall, S., Dhanak, V.R., Chalker, P.R., Henkel, C., Dentoni Litta, E., Hellström, P.-E., Östling, M., Microelectronic Engineering

In situ formation of onion-like carbon from the evaporation of ultra-dispersed nanodiamonds.
Krishnamurthy, S., Butenko, Y. V., Dhanak, V. R., Hunt, M., & S iller, von, L.,  Carbon.


Growth and alloying of thin film Te on Cu (111).
King, M. O., Mcleod, I. M., Hesp, D., Dhanak, V. R., MacLaren, D. A., & Kadodwala, M.,   Surface Science.

On the nature of the interfacial layer in ultra-thin TiN/LaLuO 3 gate stacks.
Mitrovic, I. Z., Hall, S., Sedghi, N., Simutis, G., Dhanak, V. R., Bailey, P., Noakes, T., et al., 112(4), 044102–044102,  Journal Of Applied Physics

Effect of oxygen on tuning the TiNx metal gate work function on LaLuO3.
Mitrovic, I. Z., Przewlocki, H. M., Piskorski, K., Simutis, G., Dhanak, V. R., Sedghi, N., & Hall, S.  Thin Soild Films

The evolution of the electronic structure at the Bi/Ag (111) interface studied using photoemission spectroscopy.
K. Zhang, I. M. Mcleod, M. Lahti,K. Pussi, & V. R. Dhanak, Journal Of Physics-Condensed Matter

Chemical Functionalization of Nanodiamond by Amino Groups: An X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Study.
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Surface structure of In2O3(111) (1 x 1) determined by density functional theory calculations and low energy electron diffraction
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Carbon nanotubes in cancer therapy and drug delivery
A. M. A. Elhissi, W. Ahmend, I.U. Hassan, V.R. Dhanak, A. D'Emanuele, Journal of Drug Delivery


LEED I-V and DFT structure determination of the (√3 × √3)R30° Pb-Ag(111) surface alloy
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XPS study of adsorption and desorption of a Bi thin film on the five-fold icosahedral Al-Pd-Mn surface
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Observation of a surface alloying-to-dealloying transition during growth of Bi on Ag(111)
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Study of interfaces and band offsets in TiN/amorphous LaLuO 3 gate stacks
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Comparison of the electronic structure of LnBaCo 2O 5+δ (Ln = Gd, Dy; Ln-112) and LnBaCo 4O 7 (Ln = Yb; Ln-114) single-crystal surfaces using resonant photoemission
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Experimental structure determination of the chemisorbed overlayers of chlorine and iodine on Au{111}
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Structure determination of the p fenced(sqrt(3) × sqrt(3)) R 30 {ring operator} Bi-Ag(111) surface alloy using LEED I-V and DFT analyses
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Surface oxidation of the icosahedral Ag-In-Yb quasicrystal
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The local adsorption structure of methylthiolate and butylthiolate on Au(1 1 1): A photoemission core-level shift investigation
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Fabrication of nylon nano diamond coated MWCNTs composite fibers
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Chaudhuri et al. Reply
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Enhanced stab resistance of armor composites with functionalized silica nanoparticles
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Spin-resolved two-photon photoemission on Fe77B16Si5 alloy
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