International opportunities

There are numerous opportunities for students in the School of Life Sciences to study or work abroad. These include international field trips, Study Abroad opportunities, and internships or placements as part of the integrated Masters programme (MBiolSci).

Integrated Masters (MBiolSci)

This is four-year integrated master’s programme aimed at developing enhanced research skills for students seeking a high-level career in research. As part of this programme students have the option to take a 6 week internship or spend their final year working in industry.

6 weeks internship

6 week, 30-credit internship undertaken as a placement in the summer period between years three and four. These internships may be in the UK or in our partner institutions abroad, for instance in Thailand and China.

1 year placement

Students also have the opportunity to spend part or all of the final year working in industry in the UK or abroad.

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